About Us | Nollett

About Us | Nollett

Nollett Business Solutions are a management consulting firm focused on aiding and influencing senior management within all types of industry. Drawing on our hands-on experience with high performance businesses, we enable our clients to receive more with less and achieve profitable growth through strategy. Whether the strategy is marketing, branding, human development, outsourcing or mergers and acquisitions, we have a consultant with the appropriate experience to engage with your strategy and move your organisation forward.About Us - Management Consulting
As a management consulting firm, we work with our clients, as partners, to build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues and reach practical recommendations. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client's unique needs and business situation. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work from strategy, right through to implementation. Although we are a management consulting firm, part of the brief of whichever consultant you work with, is to ensure that they guide and coach you along the way, guaranteeing to expand your knowledge throughout the process.
Clients choose Nollett Business Solutions when they want to work in partnership with their consultant to receive strategic advice as well as best-practice advice and solutions tailored to their business and environment, or need global or local perspectives and resources. The process is never about us as a management consulting firm and no matter what your strategy is, we always put our clients first.

Executive Development

Work with and learn from some of the best minds in international business, benefiting at first hand from their unique and practical research.

Executive Coaching

Our flexible executive coaching is performed on a one-to-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support for managers and board members alike.

Leadership Development

Enhance the quality of leadership within your organisation by developing the abilities and attitudes of individuals using our proven programs.

Management Audit & Potential Assessment

We can perform an internal management audit defining your organisations' capabilities and provide assessments that enable you to manage performanc