Financing & Refinancing

Financing & Refinancing

Like all efficient business elements, the financing & refinancing of your company should never be static. In order to maximise your corporate value, your corporate finance should be a dynamic element of your business model.
Nollett Business Solutions’ expert financial consultants take care your all company’s key financing tasks. From capital investment decisions to working capital management, we assist in all the crucial financing tasks for your company's corporate finance.
We also enable you to make well informed corporate finance decisions regarding the refinancing activities of your company. We will review your current business model and help you re-write and switch your old loans to new ones that suit your company’s needs better and make your debt managing easier. Our refinancing services help your company to repay it’s debts more quickly and ensure that the loans cost you the least possible interest rates as long you carry them.
Nollett Business Solutions’ well-rained and experienced consultants create for you the best financing & refinancing system that suits your business model. They are able to do this by basing their expert services on a proper understanding of your company’s objectives. We keep your company’s future in mind and weigh the benefits against the costs to provide the best refinancing.
Our sense of ownership makes our financing & refinancing services the very best as they are critical to your business’ sustainability.

Executive Development

Work with and learn from some of the best minds in international business, benefiting at first hand from their unique and practical research.

Executive Coaching

Our flexible executive coaching is performed on a one-to-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support for managers and board members alike.

Leadership Development

Enhance the quality of leadership within your organisation by developing the abilities and attitudes of individuals using our proven programs.

Management Audit & Potential Assessment

We can perform an internal management audit defining your organisations' capabilities and provide assessments that enable you to manage performanc