N`Courage - Our inspirational courses

N`Courage - Our inspirational courses

As part of our ongoing support to our clients, we offer our N'Courage training program which will bring to life the skills within your organisation that you need to remain ahead of your competition. Our qualified trainers are experts in the areas that they tutor in. Many of the courses that we offer can be taught in either group form or just on a one-to-one level if that is your preferred method. Future public events are:-N'Courage Inspirational Courses


N'Croach - Waste Management and Lean Principles - November 10th 2015


N'DevourSecrets to Time Management - March 8th 2016


N'Lighten - Mentor the Management Team - April 12th 2016


N'SureEffective Negotiation - May 10th 2016


N'AbleDelegation and Accountability - September 13th 2016


N'HanceExceeding Customer Expectations - October 11th 2016


N'GageConfident Communication - November 8th 2016

Executive Development

Work with and learn from some of the best minds in international business, benefiting at first hand from their unique and practical research.

Executive Coaching

Our flexible executive coaching is performed on a one-to-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support for managers and board members alike.

Leadership Development

Enhance the quality of leadership within your organisation by developing the abilities and attitudes of individuals using our proven programs.

Management Audit & Potential Assessment

We can perform an internal management audit defining your organisations' capabilities and provide assessments that enable you to manage performanc